Desktop chargers let you charge multiple phones , tablets  and other USB-powered devices from a single mains outlet, and are great for freeing up some suitcase room on your travels. We round up the 10 best desktop chargers and travel chargers you can buy in the UK in 2016. Also see our round-up of the best charging cables.
When choosing a desktop charger it’s important to consider the number of USB outputs it offers, the rating of each, and the total output of the device. A 10-port desktop charger is of little use if it can simultaneously support only three of those ports at full-speed.
That said, it isn’t unusual for a desktop charger to be unable to run all its ports at maximum power at once. The iClever and Olixar reviewed here both offer six USB outputs but 50W of power. With six devices connected you can expect each to receive 8.3W (assuming all are drawing maximum power), but with fewer devices connected you will achieve 12- and 12.5W respectively.
Many of the desktop and travel chargers we review here support intelligent technology that lets them recognise the attached device and automatically deliver the correct amount of power. Others will offer slow- and fast-charging ports for your phone , tablet  or other USB devices. See all desktop charger reviews.
If you have lots of USB gadgets to charge overnight or want to cut down on the number of chargers you pack in your suitcase, the Lumsing 5-port Travel Wall Charger serves a useful purpose. 
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As long as you want to use this 5-port USB charger somewhere where you can hide the power brick, it’s a neat solution to the charging problem. It doesn’t really work on a kitchen worktop where it just looks untidy. But on an office desk, it’s a very handy gadget indeed.
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A tad more expensive than some of its rivals, Olixar’s desktop charger adds value with a lengthy warranty and six faster-charging USB ports. It’s not flawless, but for £35 this desktop charger is a very useful device that could help you free up some power sockets in your home or some room in your suitcase.
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The Zendure 5-Port Turbo Desktop Charger is a neat and intelligent device for charging multiple USB-powered gadgets from a single mains outlet. We’ve seen lower-cost examples with an extra port, but the Zendure wins on its more compact dimensions.
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It’s not the fastest desktop charger on the market, but the iHarbort 5-Port USB Charger is undeniably useful, well designed, and comes at a great price.
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A vast improvement on the original the new Lumsing desktop charger is cheaper than Zendure’s design with an identical spec, but it still lacks support for Quick Charge 2.0. A good-value buy if you don’t have a QC-compatible phone or device.
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The iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger is a useful gadget for those who have multiple devices to charge. It’s well-built, powerful and, although it’s a little pricey for a charger, is well worth the money.
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Aukey’s five-port desktop charger is an excellent solution for charging multiple USB gadgets. The built-in support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is excellent, but it offers only a single port. Choetech’s desktop charger is a little more expensive and not as good-looking, but it offers an extra Quick Charge port (six ports in total), and may be a better choice if you have several compatible devices to charge.
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With a massive 60W total output and support for Quick Charge 2.0 the CHOEtech Desktop Charger shoots straight to the top of our chart. We’d be happier with less in the way of logos, specifications and other information printed on the device, but the design is otherwise very nice. A recommended buy at £25.99.
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It’s bigger and bulkier than many desktop chargers we’ve reviewed, but for roughly the same amount of money it offers five times as many quick-charging USB ports and a dedicated power switch. The fastest- and best value desktop charger we’ve seen yet. Highly recommended.
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