Microsoft has released its first firmware updates of the year for its newest Surface devices. The updates bring a range of improvements to both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, and will no doubt be welcomed by users of both devices; Microsoft enthusiast Aaron Hall, for example, who was among the first to spot the rollout of the updates, certainly greeted their arrival with some excitement:
Microsoft published details of what the new January 2016 firmware packages bring to each device on its Surface update history support pages. For the Surface Pro 4 , the update includes:
…and for the Surface Book , the new firmware includes:
The stability improvements promised by the NVIDIA graphics driver update will surely be greeted with open arms by Surface Book owners, given that some have continued to experience display driver crashes in recent weeks.
However, it seems that the updates don’t address one of the most serious issues that owners of both the Surface Book and Pro 4 have had to endure. Both devices shipped with a known issue preventing them from properly entering a ‘sleep’ state , resulting in high battery drain even when not in use. The problem was among several for which Microsoft apologized to buyers of both devices last month.
Source: Surface Book / Surface Pro 4 update history via @GoodThings2Life