APPLE’S SAFARI web browser is suffering problems across the globe this morning and causing iPhone, iPad and Mac browsers to crash.
The fault is related to Apple’s Safari Suggestions feature, according to iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith. This feature sends what you type in the URL bar to Apple’s servers, returning with autocomplete search results and Top Site suggestions.
9to5Mac reported that the problem appears to be a bug in this server request that causes Safari to randomly crash when the URL bar is tapped.
The bug does not affect all iOS and OS X users. We replicated it on our iPhone 6 and MacBook Air this morning, but it doesn’t appear to affect our MacBook Pro. 
Apple has yet to acknowledge the flaw, but is likely to fix the problem quickly. Users have discovered workarounds until it does.
Disabling Safari Suggestions seems to resolve the bug for many people on iOS. On your iPhone or iPad, go into Settings, tap Safari and toggle off the Safari Suggestions switch.
If it’s working for you, you either: 1) have search suggestions turned off, 2) you have a cache. Fresh Safari doesn’t work
— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) January 27, 2016
Another option is to enter Private Browsing mode. In private browsing, Safari does not contact the Suggestions server for intelligent completion options, so the server is never contacted and the crash never occurs.
Safari isn’t having a good week. It was revealed on Monday that a prank URL,, is wreaking havoc on users of the browser .
The link overloads the default Safari web browser with a self-generating text string that populates the address bar. After about 20 seconds, it will force an iPhone to reboot, while significantly heating up as it tries to handle the code of the site. µ