For Windows Insiders, the Fast ring used to be something of a misnomer, with new Windows 10 preview builds trickling out on a rather infrequent basis. Microsoft promised to change that in the new year, and it’s already been as good as its word. Six days after the last new build, there’s already another available to install.
There’s a big jump in build numbers too. Last week’s release was Build 11102, and the new version is 14251. That might signify a major leap forward, with loads of changes and new features, but don’t get too excited.
Writing on the Windows Experience Blog, Windows Insider chief Gabe Aul explains:
So that’s the reason for the jump in build numbers, but what — aside from the updated version string — is new here?
Well, not a lot to get excited about is the honest answer. There are no notable new features in it, but there are some new Cortana improvements , and plenty of bug fixes, including:
As always, Fast ring insiders take a bit of a risk when updating to a new build and 14251 has the following known issues to be aware of:
Photo credit: charnsitr / Shutterstock