Dressing as Michigan’s beloved pop Faygo this Halloween gives you the chance to show the world your favorite flavor. Are you a Rock N’ Rye enthusiast or are you more enamored with Redpop? Whichever flavor you choose, you should probably bring some to whatever costume party you attend, because your get-up is likely to make fellow Michiganders thirsty.
What to wear: Use your artistic nature to create a costume that will make you look like a can or bottle of your preferred pop. With cardboard, you could paint the logo on a can-shaped canvas and attach your creation with straps. Or you could buy a colored t-shirt, such as orange for orange faygo, and use puffy paint to draw on the logo. If you go the t-shirt route, don’t forget to weat a white hat that will serve as the cap to your Faygo bottle.

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