TV celebrity Laura Csortan is a unchanging during a clinic.
Dr Joseph Hkeik is an cultured medicine with over 10 years experience. His hospital in Sydney (All Saints Clinic) is a favourite with celebs such as Kerri Anne Kennerley, Annalise Brankensiek and Laura Csortan.
Here he shares his tip beauty tips for healthy, radiant skin.
What are a 3 skincare products we consider any lady should own?
At my hospital we trust prescriptive cosmeceutical preparations. They differ vastly from what is accessible from a supermarket or indeed a dialect store. They are active formulations designed to residence and scold several skin concerns and are typically accessible from medical skin clinics. Apart from a good sunscreen and a right cleaner for any skin condition, everybody needs these 3 skincare basics:
a) Vitamin A in a form of Retinol or Retinaldehyde, is essential for skin renewal. It improves a coming of glorious lines and wrinkles as good as blemishes and any justification of object damage.
b) The B organisation vitamins, generally Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) yield glorious hydration, photoprotection, antibacterial advantages as good as relaxing properties.
c) Vitamin C (preferably in a some-more fast oil-soluble form) has smashing photo-protective properties, increases skin fatness and also improves a coming of disproportionate pigmentation.
(Additional products such as peptides, expansion factors, exfoliators and colouring inhibitors can be combined in to serve tailor a module for any individual’s sold needs.)
Is it a same for men?
Yes, we use a same mixture though we might name a opposite middle such as a serum contra a cream, depending on a skin aptness and skin health of any client.
What are a biggest no nos when it comes to skin?
Biggest mistake we see is when studious start regulating vitamin A cream during night and a omit to strengthen a skin a following morning. The other mistake we see is patients hang to a same fast in opposite seasons. Our truth is to plea a skin in a cold winter deteriorate though to simply support it and strengthen it during a prohibited and balmy summer season.
What is a many common skincare mistake we see people making?
– Sleeping in make up
– Thick non-organic make adult to cover skin mangle out or acne.
– Not regulating skin caring products matched to your skin’s needs
– Squeezing pimples
– Over-exfoliating, (using loofahs and, disintegrating exfoliants and AHA products)
– Using inexpensive products that sensitises their skin and make it weaker.
If we could give one square of recommendation about skincare, what would it be?
1. Let a skin experts diagnose your skin condition and tailor your skin caring operation accordingly.
2. Sunscreen is a skin’s series one anti-ageing resolution and should be a non-negotiable.

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