Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.
Never let it be said that Donald Trump is mild with his emotions.
His Twitter emotions, that is.
After a firebombing attack on the Republican Party headquarters (and graffiti accusing the Republicans of being Nazis being sprayed nearby) in Hillsborough, North Carolina, reactions differed.
Republican nominee Trump took a slightly different approach.
Neither the Trump campaign nor the local Hillsborough Police Department immediately responded to a request for comment.
The most jaundiced might even mutter that, if you’re actually winning, giving such an incendiary response would be a touch counter-productive. Deranged, even. What would be the purpose?
Many are saying that Trump’s purpose from now until Election Day is to incite the maximum amount of mayhem.
Reactions to his tweet were considerable and mostly extreme. While some praised him for his superior investigative skills, others were more skeptical.
Still, over the last months and even more, it’s becoming harder to distinguish between your average Twitter rager and your average presidential candidate.
To refer to humans as “animals” — and to immediately assert you know what has happened when the authorities don’t — offers a view of the future with which not everyone might be comfortable.
One can’t help wondering whether Trump’s assertion that unnamed creatures beholden to Clinton are behind this attack feeds into a larger picture he’s been painting.
Everyone’s against him. Twitter is one of the only places where he can reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
It’s a beastly world, after all.

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