If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might know that Canonical unveiled the final release of the Ubuntu 16.10 operating system after six months of hard work, and the biggest new features offered in this release are the latest Linux 4.8 kernel, which adds great hardware improvements and updated drivers.
On the other hand, Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is almost a complete rework of the Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS release, shipping with the newest MATE 1.16 desktop environment built on the GTK+ 3 technologies, which means that it’s faster, uses less RAM, and offers a beautiful desktop experience.
At the moment of writing this article, Entroware is offering a wide range of Ubuntu-powered laptops and desktop computers. Their desktop selection includes Nyx, the perfect Ubuntu PC for students, developers and mid-range gamers, Poseidon for hardcore Linux gamers, and Aura, a mini PC that can be transformed into an HTPC.
On the other hand, Entroware’s laptop offering consists of six models, namely Triton, Orion, Apollo, Kratos, Proteus, and Athena. All of them are powerful and affordable, and you can purchase one or more right now from the company’s website , where you’ll also be able to buy their Nucleus server system powered by the FreeNAS OS.

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