Data Saver feature will come with multiple tools for reducing the amount of data that Facebook Messenger uses, according to Android Police. The amount of data will be reduced when the user watches pictures or videos received inside the app.
Apparently, multiple users have reported that they see the new option in the Settings menu of the Messenger app for Android devices. The feature deactivates the system that automatically downloads photos and videos that users share.
The app will no longer download photos and videos before the user allows it. The feature only works when the phone or tablet uses cellular connection, while content is automatically downloaded when the device is connected to WiFi.
The feature will allow users to keep track of the data they use and the counter can be reset at any time from the settings menu. In order to test the new feature, users can enroll in the Messenger testing program on the Play Store.
The app is designed for markets where network connection is slower and it provides the tools for users to have a seamless experience with Messenger, even if they’re using older devices.

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