Excited to see it!
jeez – get over your crush on Hamm already. That’s not a movie review. Nor would he be a good Bond. Just because he could chug a martini in Mad Men and looks good in a suit and tie doesn’t mean he has the physicality for Bond. He was great in Bridesmaids, but that goofy role completely undermines his credibility as a Bond — and all his other movie roles (Million Dollar Arm, etc.) have fizzled. Let’s face it, he’s a TV star — not a movie star — and DEFINITELY NOT A BOND!!!
Idris Elba should play James Bond.
very strange ‘review’ to spend the first 2 paragraphs on how Jon Hamm should be 007.
John Hamm cannot act his way out of the proverbial paper bag. Not only that, he just doesn’t have the magic. Come on! Heads up, casting agents: You can do better than this.
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