The LG V20 and the Google Pixel are shaping up to be holiday favorites. Both smartphones are scheduled to ship in October and promise solid performance, attractive designs and outstanding image quality, thanks to powerful rear-facing cameras. Most importantly, the V20 and Pixel will ship with Android Nougat, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. The OS has several new and appealing features, including improved notification support and security enhancements, which could prove to be a major selling point for customers who want the latest software experiences to complement the nice hardware. This means Android mobile phone fans who want to acquire a smartphone with the Nougat experience before the holidays arrive in December likely will have to choose between the LG V20 and Google Pixel, unless there is a late-year smartphone model entry before year’s end. The LG V20 and Google Pixel will be the first Nougat models to appear although other vendors say they’ll update their devices to run Nougat. This slide show covers the key features in LG’s latest high-end smartphone and the Google Pixel to help users choose between the two.

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