According to the researcher, he stumbled upon a server that was accepting connections from the Internet via its Rsync port. Rsync is a service that allows computers to synchronize and transfer files between different workstations.
Apparently, some sysadmin forgot to protect Rsync ports against external Internet access, meaning anyone with an Internet connection and a fine-tuned scanner would have discovered this port.
The researcher downloaded the data he found on the server, and after a quick analysis, he determined that the data belonged to a US law firm.
He says that after he downloaded over 500 GB of data from the open server, he looked through the files to see what he discovered.
In a folder that appears to be from the law firm of Ferguson, Praet & Sherman, Vickery says he discovered a folder named “attorney notes WORK PRODUCT. ”
After investigating these files, he concluded that these were the case notes and a timeline of events of the death of Daniel Oppenheimer.
In September 2015, Daniel Robert Oppenheimer strangled himself at the La Habra jail. Authorities had arrested Oppenheimer on suspicion of trying to strangle his wife at their home in La Habra, earlier in the year.
Vickery says that the Ferguson, Praet & Sherman files contained an analysis of the jail’s video surveillance footage from the time of Oppenheimer’s death. These files reveal that an attorney had wrote a report that he saw reflections moving by prisoner’s cell as Oppenheimer died.
According to surveillance video, over ten minutes had passed since Oppenheimer began strangling himself with the zipper of his jail-issued jumpsuit and a telephone cord, and until jail staff entered the cell and radioed for help.
This report is different from the District Attorney’s official report on Oppenheimer’s death.
Oppenheimer’s family is currently suing the city for wrongful death. Ferguson, Praet & Sherman is representing the city in the lawsuit, and in their defense, they might have discovered crucial evidence about Oppenheimer’s death.
“It would certainly be awkward for the City’s defense attorneys to point out deficiencies in the DA’s report. But it’s the right thing to do,” Vickery says. “And for all I know, someone at Ferguson, Praet & Sherman may have indeed pointed this out to the appropriate channels, but I have seen no evidence of that. ”
“I cannot sit idly by and do nothing in this situation. I cannot simply delete these files. My conscience will not allow it,” Vickery says. “If someone must face scrutiny in order for this truth to get out, then let it be me. It is a burden I will gladly bear in order to see that potential manslaughter does not get swept under the rug. ”
“Daniel Oppenheimer may not have been a great person. He was an admitted meth user and had a long history of run-ins with the law. But when a staff member at the La Habra City jail had a duty to act, this video shows that they did not,” the researcher also adds.
Vickery is now calling on the Orange County District Attorney to review the case and act against the individuals that walked by Oppenheimer’s cell as he died without doing anything.

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