InsideWindows has discovered that Microsoft is currently experimenting with several small refinements for Cortana, the personal assistant that made its debut on the PC with Windows 10 and which is projected to receive several important updates with Redstone 2.
For example, Microsoft appears to be looking into ways to move Cortana’s search box to the top of the window whenever the user starts typing. Basically, Cortana would look exactly the same in the taskbar, but upon clicking in the search bar and starting typing, the box is transferred to the top of the window for a layout that could make a little bit more sense.
Furthermore, it appears that there’s also an option to make Cortana white in the taskbar, which according to the source, could be “a hint at a possible white theme for the taskbar in a future version of Windows 10.” This would clearly appeal to many users, as visual tweaks have always been well received, especially when they provide more customization freedom.
There are also some other minor tweaks that can be activated from the registry, including border customization and a submit button in the search box, but as we’ve said, Microsoft is most likely just trying them out right now and this is the reason why they’re not available for everyone.
With a little luck, more changes could become available for insiders in the upcoming builds, but it remains to be seen if any of these secret tweaks make it to public releases. And yet, it goes without saying that Windows 10 Redstone 2 will also bring more small refinements like these, so we’re looking forward to early 2017 to get the new update.

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