Today it’s the turn of Arrow Launcher to get a new share of updates, as Microsoft has continued work on this app and officially started testing a bunch of new features with a fresh beta release.
Currently at version 2.5, Arrow Launcher beta is getting a feature that was supposed to be there from the very beginning: support for Google’s search engine. Surprisingly, this was missing from Microsoft’s app, so Redmond appears to be working on it for a future public version that would also include Baidu and Yandex search capabilities.
Additionally, the new beta version pushes the dock from two rows to just one row for a bit more space on the screen, and fixes the pill count issue that users have been reporting in the previous releases.
And last but not least, Microsoft’s Android launch now comes with support for more IM apps in the message preview screen, and brings a few performance upgrades to make everything run more smoothly regardless of the device.
Of course, this is a version that’s more appropriate for users willing to test pre-release apps, so if you’re looking to try it out, go here and download Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher beta right now.

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