MKVToolNix is currently the best open-source tool you can use for manipulating MKV (Matroska) files, which are have become in the past few years that standard of multimedia containers, allowing users to add video, audio, and subtitle tracks into a single file. Dubbed Quiet Fire, MKVToolNix 9.5.0 is now the most advanced version, bringing various improvements to the mkvmerge component, and GUI enhancements.
Looking through the changelog for the MKVToolNix 9.5.0 release, we can’t help but notice that there are improvements to mkvmerge’s MPEG transport stream, adding better detection of H.264 files and support for handling Blu-ray PCM audio streams that contain a weird number of channels, VobSub handling fixes, as well as better handling of H.264 elementary streams.
“If mkvmerge ever encounters changing SPS or PPS NALUs (ones where their ID has been encountered before with different settings) in the h.264 then it will prepend all following key frames with all currently active SPS and PPS NALUs. This enables playback from arbitrary key frames even if they require other SPS or PPS settings than the ones stored in the AVCC in CodecPrivate,” reads the release notes.
Additionally, there’s now support for the “field order” video track header element in the MKVToolNix GUI, as well as the mkvmerge and mkvpropedit components, mkvmerge’s Ogg Vorbis and OGM reader was updated to correctly recognize Opus files that contain comment headers, which was broken in the MKVToolNix 9.4.0 release, and GUI options that let users modify the “writing application” and “muxing application” elements in the “segment information” container.
Download MKVToolNix 9.5.0 for GNU/Linux , macOS , and Microsoft Windows .

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