Perry played sideburned hottie Dylan McKay, who bounced between dating Minnesota twin Brenda Walsh and her best friend, Kelly Taylor, on the 1990s Aaron Spelling hit show.
Sure, Perry kind of looked 35 back when he was first cast as a high-schooler (he was 24), but he was still Dylan, the angsty, motorcycle-riding, mountain climbing heartthrob whose soulful pout graced a million junior-high lockers.
Did AARP really have to rub it in by making him their cover boy? “Welcome to the 902-5-OH,” some smart alec of a cover designer wrote next to Perry’s photo. Ha ha ha boo hoo hoo, AARP.
Those who once tuned in every Wednesday night to the goings-on at West Beverly had plenty to say, and mostly they would like to request that the AARP get off their lawn.
So in summary, thanks a lot, AARP. Next you’re going to be telling us 1990 was nearly 30 years ago.

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