This kind of thing is a staple for those who hate the “capitalist” system and don’t understand advertising’s true function. It’s a given, that if you take a sample of people—no matter what the sample size is or when the study is done— and ask them what they think of advertising or, for that matter, commercials on TV, generally, that most will decry the genre as collectively stupid, dishonest, etc. If, however, you do it on a case by case basis, for individual ads, and ask product users who are shown the ads what they think, you get a much different result. Now, only a small, hard core, will still say the ad is stupid, dishonest, etc, but most will be fairer in their evaluations and a surprisingly large number will both agree with and like the ad.
You never met David Lane, the Phila. version of a kind and wonderful Don Draper who was and still is not a wallower. PS: Better to stop selling and start showing.

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