Hear that? It’s the sound of a video game electronics company getting even more ambitious.
Together, Razer is hoping the two brands might add up to a single “entertainment powerhouse. ” Terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed.
Neither brand is going away, according to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan and THX CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor, in interviews with CNET. In fact, the two companies say they’ll operate independently.
“They’re going to have their own direction, they’re going to have their own customer base and operating with their own management and vision and so forth,” says Tan. Razer plans to retain all of THX’s existing 50-person staff, and THX will hire an additional 10-15 people to expand its core certification businesses, says Ahmad-Taylor.
You shouldn’t expect to see any “THX by Razer” or other such cross-branding, says Tan. But the thought is that, perhaps behind the scenes, the two companies could work together.
Separately, Razer may be eyeing more physical audio products. “We’re one of the biggest when it comes to headsets, but we haven’t really expanded our audio line because we’re intent on having the best out there,” says Tan.
Still, Razer suggests it won’t automatically get the THX seal of approval on its products. “We do hope to get our products certified by THX,” he adds.
With millennials, he notes, their home theater is often just a single Bluetooth speaker paired to a smartphone.
“Razer is everything between the game and the gamer,” says Tan.
And THX? “From entertainment, to the entertained,” says Razer’s chief executive. “This transaction helps us vault as a company to not just focus on gaming, but this entire space. ”

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