A report by Korea Herald reveals that the Galaxy S7 was the best-selling smartphone in South Korea between October 6 and 12. The phone managed to achieve a 16.1% market share. It seems that Samsung managed to sell about 15,000 Galaxy S7 units per day during the past week, while the industry considers a daily 10,000-unit sale mark to be a hit in Korea.
The smartphone has been on the market for more than six months, but sales have started to increase following the second recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. However, the trend could slow down in the near future, since Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhone on October 21 in the country.
Many studies have shown that some Note 7 owners who return the smartphone, switch to an iPhone, which means that sales of the Galaxy S7 could decrease in the following days.
Meanwhile, Samsung is working on its upcoming Galaxy S8 phone, set to be announced in February next year. The phone is rumored to come with a dual-camera setup on the back and an iris scanner, as well as a new design. Samsung will be relying on the Galaxy S8 in order to restore some of the lost consumer trust and limit the financial damages that the Note 7 situation has caused.

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