This small analysis shows the popularity of the discussions in most known news media sources (about 220 source web-sites). The volume of data is about 240K of news articles but only articles marked as similar with NH Similarity Rate and only if terms like a “Donald Trump”, “Trump”, “Donald”, “Hillary Clinton”, “Clinton”, “Hillary” and some its words forms in title or description of an article matched in comparison of each other – the frequency counter increased. This case and terms named NH Popular Words (c) (POP Words).

Trump-Clinton last month media activity
Trump-Clinton last month media activity

So, on graph we can to see the time-line of frequencies of usage of POP-Words terms for selected time range.

Some fast/short (six hours) periods of synchronous fluctuation of frequencies value is not related with real media state of art but related with specific of data collector configuration and periodic. But more long periodical changes corresponds with a real state of media, number of articles with POP-words terms in title or description.