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Fiat Chrysler’s Portal concept is a van with a plan for autonomous driving


NewsHubFiat Chrysler is getting ready for a future in which your vehicle is an extension of your living space with their new Portal concept car, which is debuting at CES this year. The Portal is an electric-powered vehicle with its own wireless network, Level 3 semi-autonomy standard and the hardware necessary for an upgrade to true Level 4 self-driving capability, and fold-flat/removable seating for flexible interior reconfiguration options.
The van seats six, and is designed to cater to the “millennial lifestyle,” whatever that might mean. Reading between the lines it sounds like it means inexpensive to buy and operate, with enough space inside to move from being a mobile office to being a mobile family playroom as the millennial generation ages into parenthood.
FCA also clearly thinks that this millennial audience values ethical and environmentally-friendly materials, since it uses no animal hides in its synthetic leather interior, and also claims over 250 miles of range form its electric powerhouse. Quick charger support for DC Fast Charge tech also means it should be able to recoup 150 miles of range in under 20 minutes of being plugged in.
Another key ingredient here is the lighting system, which it says is not “a mere accent” in the case of the Portal. The big sliding doors have illuminated surrounds to show you where to get in and out, and the front lights, side panels and rear all feature LED lights than can change to reflect a full spectrum of hues.

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