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Google Home can now power on your Vizio TV


NewsHubThe Vizio M Series TVs have Chromecast built-in, and now you can control them with your voice.
You’ll now be able to control any Vizio SmartCast device — TVs, displays, soundbars and speakers — with a voice command to the always-listening Google Home .
The basics are the same as what you’d get with an ordinary TV or speaker and a Chromecast streamer, but the Vizio integration gives you the added bonus of being able to turn on the TV with your voice, Vizio said Wednesday.
I already liked Google Home for entertainment. You can use the voice-controlled smart device to play music on any speaker with a Chromecast audio streamer plugged into it. You can also stream YouTube and Netflix content on TVs with a Chromecast video streamer.

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