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Just the facts; Japan seeks way out of Trump's bad books on trade


NewsHubTOKYO: Armed with fact sheets on jobs created and investments made in America, Japan aims to give Donald Trump a crash course on its contribution to the U. S. economy in hopes of persuading him that Tokyo is different from Trump’s favourite trade target, China.
Tokyo wants Trump, who will become president next week, to see the merits of global trade, rethink his threats to impose a “border tax” on imports, and to stick to international trade deals on which Japan Inc bases its investment strategies.
And while Japan’s economy still relies heavily on exports for growth, its officials also want to alter any lingering image Trump may have formed based on trade wars fought with the United States decades ago.
“Japan is preparing so that soon after the change in administration, we can … explain our points in a format persuasive to the American side,” Masahiko Shibayama, an advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, told Reuters.
“Japan is a country that lives by diplomacy and trade. “
To make their case with hard numbers, Japan’s government has prepared a briefing paper its officials are using in talks with U. S. counterparts. The document, seen by Reuters, has not been released, and sources would not say if it had been shown to Trump or senior members of his team.
– 839,000 jobs created by Japanese companies jobs in the United States, second only to Britain and above the 38,000 employed by Chinese businesses.

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