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Star Trek's Gorn turns 50, and it's not easy being green


NewsHubWhat do you get a big green reptilian alien for his 50th birthday? Better shop fast, because 50 years ago this week, on January 19, 1967, Star Trek fans first met the Gorn.
StarTrek.com is celebrating the Gorn’s impending AARP membership ( Luke Perry feels his pain ) with a photo essay .
The lumbering green guy appeared in the original series’ 18th episode, “Arena. ” The episode was based on a short story written by Frederic Brown and published in Astounding magazine back in 1944.
Happy birthday, Gorn. We suspect you’re much older than 50, but that’ll have to do.
In the memorable Star Trek version, Captain Kirk is transported to a rocky planet (aka California’s alien-appearing Vasquez Rocks ) to duke it out to the death with the Gorn captain. We won’t give away the ending in case you’re saving all the original episodes for a rainy day or something, but let’s just say that there is not one thing about the Gorn that is not awesome.
There’s the Gorn’s broken-toothed costume, designed by legendary Wah Chang , who also designed Star Trek’s tricorder and communicator. (The Gorn is possibly related to the Sleestak from ” Land of the Lost ,” which gave many a Gen X kid serious nightmares.

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