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The White House Press Corps Fawned Over Obama At His Final Press Conference


NewsHubThe White House press corps showered President Barack Obama with adoring questions during his final press conference Wednesday, following a brief address in which he talked about the importance of a “skeptical” press.
“In LGBT rights, we’ve seen a lot of achievements over the past eight years,” one reporter begins in a montage put together by Grabien to highlight the questions. After crediting Obama with a list of accomplishments, he asks: “Where do you think LGBT rights will rank in terms of your accomplishments or your legacy?”
“Thank you very much,” another reporters says, before asking about the fate of Obama’s immigration policies. “Are you fearful for the status of those dreamers, the status of those young immigrants and all immigrants in this country with the new administration?” (RELATED: Liberal Journalists Rediscover Their Mission As Obama Leaves Office)
Obama had just discussed the importance of a rigorous press in a free functioning democracy, saying he hasn’t always enjoyed the stories the press corps wrote, but enjoyed working with all of them. “You’re not supposed to be sycophants,” he said. “You’re supposed to be skeptics. You’re supposed to ask me tough questions.”
Reporter after reporter took their last opportunity to ask Obama a question to list off his achievements and ask leading softball questions apparently designed to make him look good.
“Were you able to use that opportunity [to meet with President-elect Donald Trump] to convince him to take a fresh look at some of the important ideas that you will leave this office with?” one reporter asked, before offering a list of ideas. “Maintaining some semblance of the Affordable Care Act, some idea of keeping dreamers here in the country without fear of deportation. Were you able to use personal stories to convince him?” he continued, really rounding out the question. “And how successful were you?”
The final reporter to ask a question gestured to the president to call her on her cell phone. “Thank you Mr. president,” she said as she looked into his eyes. “It has been an honor.”
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