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Women Plan Protest March After Trump Inauguration


NewsHubCHICAGO (CBS) – The day after President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn into office, hundreds of thousands of women plan to march in protest across the country.
Chicago is one of the host cities.
And now with a warmer forecast, event organizers adjusted the route.
To protect the grass around Petrillo Bandshell, they moved the rally a bit south to Jackson Boulevard and South Lake Shore Drive. CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports.
A rally kicks off Saturday at 10 a.m. at Jackson and Lake Shore Drive, followed by a march at 11:30 a.m.
Organizers want to make it known that this is not an Anti-Trump rally.
Inside the Busy Beaver Button Company, hands and machines cannot move fast enough to produce 30,000 buttons for this weekend’s women’s march on Chicago and at the capitol.
“It’s kind of a no-brainer for us,” said owner, Christen Carter. “This is a woman-owned business.”
So is Sister Arts Studio in Lincoln Park.
“I will be there with my pink hat on,” said owner, Donna Palicka.
Knitted pink hats are on back order and Donna Palicka is one of many making hundreds of pinks hats for Saturday’s march.
The hats are a symbol for, “struggling for our freedom, struggling for our rights,” Palicka said.
“The incoming administration and President have promised an assault on women’s rights,” said Ann Scholhomer, from Women’s March On Chicago.
These women are behind this weekend’s march in Chicago.
Organizers of Women’s March On Chicago were at City Hall on Tuesday announcing their plans to fight back.
“Women, particularly women of color, have absolutely no intention of going backward under a Trump and Rauner administration,” said Jaquie Algee, Women’s March On Chicago.
They said the march is a chance to stand up for women’s right and everyone who supports is welcome.
“Women and their allies,” Scholhomer said. “That is families. That is men. That is grandmothers. That is children.”
Marchers will head west on Jackson to Michigan, around the Loop and finish at Federal Plaza. For the full map, visit the city’s link.
Chicago Women’s March Map (CDOT)

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