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Zuckerberg takes the stand to defend Oculus


NewsHubZuck believes VR will change the way we use computers. He also believes ZeniMax’s lawsuit over it is a cash grab.
It may be called virtual reality, but it cost real cash — and a lot more than Facebook initially let on.
Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking giant’s CEO, said his company spent as much as $3 billion to buy Oculus VR, the high-flying startup that helped spark interest in the industry, according a reporter from The New York Times. That’s significantly more than the $2 billion announced to the public in 2014. The difference was made up by $700 million in retention bonuses and $300 million in potential incentives.
The cost of the deal was the only surprising thing to come out of Zuckerberg’s testimony Tuesday in a lawsuit with ZeniMax Media , which accuses Oculus and Facebook of “misappropriating” trade secrets and copyright infringement.

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