HPE says customers are not experiencing failures from a faulty component included in some of its products.
A significant product replacement affecting some of Cisco’s most popular routers, switches and firewalls may be impacting a limited number of Hewlett Packard Enterprise products as well, according to an HPE company spokesperson
The problem some have speculated could be a result of a faulty Intel C2000 Atom processor. Intel in January notified OEMs of Atom processor C2000 issues in a 37 page specification update.
“To the best of our knowledge, our customers are not experiencing failures due to the Intel C2000 chip, which is deployed on a limited number of our products,” said an HPE spokesperson in an email to CRN. “We remain committed to assuring the highest quality experience from our solutions and are proactively working with Intel to mitigate any future risk and impact on our customers.

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