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Kim Jong Nam death: How the arrest of a North Korean suspect went down in Malaysia


The wife of Ri Jong Chol slashed her neck as police tried to take her husband away, neighbours tell Channel NewsAsia.
KUALA LUMPUR: There was drama surrounding the arrest of Ri Jong Chol, a North Korean arrested in connection with the suspected assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam.
Neighbours Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they heard a huge commotion outside their homes on Friday night (Feb 17) and found at least 30 police officers swarming the narrow corridor of their condominium. They were told to return to their apartments immediately.
Moments later, banging sounds were heard, as well as that of women screaming inside Ri’s home.
After police took Ri away, the neighbours said they saw Ri’s 20-year-old daughter crying at the door. She said her mum was hurt and that she had slashed herself on the neck in a bid to stop authorities from taking her husband away.
“She was trying to commit suicide and her daughter was crying, asking for help,” said a couple who lived next door to the family. The couple, which declined to be named, added that an ambulance took the Ri family away and that was the last time they saw them.
The Dynasty Garden condominium, tucked behind Old Klang Road on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, was where Ri Jong Chol and his family had been staying for the past year.

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