Facebook is not making it easy for employers to post jobs to Facebook, and equally easy for potential hires to apply.
What is the best social network to visit when you’re looking for a new job?
You probably said LinkedIn, right? Well, Facebook wants to give LinkedIn a run for its money when it comes to hiring by making it easier than ever for employers and prospective employees to connect. But how is it doing that?
In IT Blogwatch, we apply now.
So what exactly is going on? Jessica Guynn has some background :
And how does it work? Saqib Shah has those details :
What about potential hires who are looking for a job — how can they find job openings? John Kennedey is in the know :
But why add this feature? And how will it affect sites like LinkedIn? Kurt Wagner shares that info :
So is there anything that job applicants have to keep in mind when applying? Emily Price has some advice :

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