Sony drops last-generation PlayStation Now support. Now a PS4, Windows exclusive.
Sony is officially killing off support for PlayStation Now on all but the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs, leaving the PlayStation TV, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita unable to access the service from August. Sony has announced that it is pulling support for its PlayStation Now cloud-powered game streaming service from all previous-generation devices, leaving it a PlayStation 4 and Windows PC exclusive.
Announced back in 2014 , PlayStation Now was born of Sony’s acquisition of game streaming pioneer Gaikai and used the company’s technology to two ends: to boost Sony’s recurring revenue stream by offering access to games on a rental or subscription model and later to bring limited backwards compatibility to the company’s PlayStation 4 platform. Later that same year, the company brought the PlayStation TV to the UK, allowing users without consoles to access PlayStation Now, followed by the inclusion of support in the company’s Bravia TVs and selected Samsung TVs, and in August last year added a Windows client with the promise of macOS support to follow.

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