Could Sony’s headset get better motion tracking?
A recently published patent from Sony indicates the electronics giant is looking into sensors that could track its PlayStation VR headset more like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
The system proposed in the patent would track the wearer’s movements and location with a similar technology used in higher-end headsets, which come with projectors that ‘sense’ the user’s location in a designated space, according to CG Mag .
Currently, the PS VR utilizes a PlayStation Camera peripheral to visually track the user’s head position using lights on the front of the headset.
While PS VR’s solution works just fine (as well as keep costs down to half that of a Vive), room-scale motion tracking would afford a more immersive experience for users and open up possibilities for what kind of games can be developed for Sony’s headset.
Like most patents, this is not confirmation of Sony releasing a new add-on to its VR headset. It was also not clarified if this would function as an accessory or part of some kind of successor to the original PS VR headset.
That said, it’s assuring to know the PlayStation purveyor isn’t done coming up with ideas for the system and won’t be leaving VR to wither on the vine just yet.
Should PlayStation VR have any new tricks up its sleeve, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony holds off making announcements until its upcoming E3 press event. They won’t be alone, either, as competitor Microsoft already has some hardware news of its own in store this summer.

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