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US urges China to keep pressure on N. Korea, as Beijing stops coal imports from Pyongyang — RT News


The US has called on Beijing to keep the pressure on North Korea, as Chinese authorities announced they were suspending all coal deliveries from Pyongyang.
“All countries should fully and transparently implement all relevant UN Security Council Resolutions on the DPRK,” a US State Department spokesperson said, referring to North Korea, as cited by Reuters.
“We continue to urge China to exert its unique leverage as North Korea’s largest trading partner to convince Pyongyang to return to serious talks on denuclearization,” the official added.
The US rhetoric against North Korea has been harsh for quite a while, but has intensified recently. Last week, US President Donald Trump said at a press conference that “obviously North Korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly.”
Beijing tends to disagree, though, with Fu Ying, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee of China’s legislature and served as vice foreign minister until 2013, saying at the Munich Security Conference: “China just keeps on telling you this is not working, although we’re going along with you.

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