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Video: 5 killed, including 4 Americans, in Australian charter plane crash


Four Americans were among five killed when a plane crashed into a shopping center shortly after takeoff near Melbourne, Australia, authorities said.
We begin now with the breaking news we’ve been following all morning long for Americans killed in a plane crash in Australia. They’re chartered plane crashed into an outlet shopping center near mogul and shortly after take off and exploded upon impact killing all aboard. Flaming wreckage was scattered across the properties see it right there the mall had not yet open for the day and no one on the ground was injured. That’s the good news the terrible news is that two of the four passengers have been identified by their families as great de haven and Russell much. Both from Texas they were on their way to play it a new golf course. What Ron relative describes as the trip of a lifetime yet their wives are believed to have been traveling with them in Australia. But were not on the plane this new video shows the plane clearly in trouble as it came over a busy highway. In full view of many people. On their way to work. Those explosions got off up to one another so upset to hear it blew up in his house are enough as well. As bluffs my low flying. The plane hit the roof and rear wall of several stories and destroyed cars in the parking lot. The Australian pilot is described as very experienced when an impeccable safety record the local governor says it’s the worst aviation disaster in thirty years. We’ll have the very latest coming up on Good Morning America.
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