That is, if you want to keep getting security updates
If you’re one of the rare few that has installed Windows 10 and somehow managed to avoid the big Anniversary Update of last year, then your security is on a timer. Microsoft just announced that it will drop service support for the first version of its new operating system (OS) in May.
Once slated for March 2017 (yikes!), the firm made the push-back public recently, through its TechNet blog speaking to IT professionals.
“With the availability of Windows 10, version 1607 to the VLSC on January 26th, the grace period for Windows 10, version 1507 will begin,” Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer writes . “That means, after May 2017, Windows 10, version 1507 will no longer be serviced as only the two most Current Branch for Business (CBB) versions are actively serviced.”
Windows 10 version 1507 is the technical name for the first release of Windows 10 back in July 2015, while the 1607 version number refers to the Anniversary Update of August last year.

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