The rightwing provocateur’s scheduled event in California was called off after campus police said they were unable to ‘find a safe and suitable’ venue
Ann Coulter’s planned appearance at the University of California , Berkeley next week has been called off for security concerns.
UC Berkeley officials say they were “unable to find a safe and suitable” venue for the right-wing provocateur who was invited by campus Republicans to speak on 27 April. They added that they would work with event organizers to reschedule Coulter’s appearance.
In a letter to Berkeley College Republicans sent Tuesday, vice-chancellor Scott Biddy said officials made the decision in consultation with campus police who determined they could not ensure the safety of Coulter, audience members or protesters expected at the event.
“Given current active security threats, it is not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully,” the letter said.
University spokesman Dan Mogulof said that posters went up on campus last week threatening disruption of the event and officials discovered “targeted threats” on various websites indicating the possibility of planned violence.
On Monday, Mogulof said UC Berkeley “has neither the ability nor the desire to stand in the way” of the event, but said campus police had expressed concerns.
“Our police department has come back and said there are particular times where we are not comfortable, particularly in the wake of what happened in the city of Berkeley on Saturday, and there are certain venues that we can’t offer the level of security that we want to offer.”
Far-right and far-left protesters clashed violently on Saturday at a rally supporting Donald Trump in downtown Berkeley.
An appearance at UC Berkeley by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled after protesters rioted outside the event in February.
Organizers of the event did not immediately return calls or emails seeking comment.

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