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Apple and Verizon to run ads as part of 'SNL,' report says


Commentary: Begone the boring old ad in the commercial break. Instead, make your ad part of the show and even let the “SNL” writers write it.
How far will brands allow SNL to go?
In a former life, I once suggested to a very famous beer brand that it should pay David Letterman an inordinate amount of money to mock its beer for a whole show.
Sadly, the marketing executives were worried about the negative potential of this mockery thing.
This, it seems, may not worry Verizon or Apple quite as much.
Variety reports that both brands are working with ” Saturday Night Live ” to integrate ads into the comedy show’s ad breaks. And it’s letting the show create those ads.
Apparently, Verizon will be the first to try the format. The experiment could come during either the April 8 or April 15 live shows. Its ad will be written by Colin Jost, one of the mock anchormen in the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, and feature cast member Kenan Thompson.

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