Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update to PCs last week, and many users have already upgraded. If you’re among them, we’re eager to hear what you think of the update so far.
On April 11, following months of testing with the help of millions of Windows Insiders , Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs. The company said that it would make the update available initially for “newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners”, gradually expanding to more machines over the next few months.
For those who don’t want to wait, Microsoft has offered an easy method to enable them to jump the queue and upgrade their PCs right now – and as we discovered in our recent poll, many of our readers have done exactly that .
If you’ve upgraded your PC to the Creators Update, we’re eager to hear your opinions of it so far.
The update brings a wide range of new features and improvements to Windows 10 , but what do you actually think of them? Are there are any features that you would have liked to see that aren’t included in the update, or are you perhaps missing any of the earlier features that were dropped from the OS? Have you encountered any problems since upgrading, or even during installation? Or has your experience of the Creators Update been flawless?
Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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