The White House denies President Trump misled anyone when he said the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was headed for the Sea of Japan while it was on its
Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News.
Who are we winning points with here?
Carlson replacing him is just like switching brands of douche
He’s not that bad. He’s nowhere near as awful as O’Reilly or Hannity.
I agree.
Whether he pulls in the numbers remains to be seen.
He is definitely smarter than O’Reilly, but is a much bigger douche.
I caught him once or twice and wasn’t impressed. The guests couldn’t get a word in edgewise before “I have to go. Time’s up for this segment.” Kennedy does this too as do many or most other hosts on any network. Allocate enough time, shut up, and let the guests talk, then give your opinion.
A guy can’t masturbate while talking to his female employees any more?
They are going after conservatives for nothing these days.
Well, not obviously.
Convicted murder and former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was found hanging in his jail cell.
Did he not know he wouldn’t have to meet Trump?
And I believe MA is one of those states that vacates a verdict if the person dies before the appeals process is completed.
The head of the International Monetary Fund says none of its members oppose free and fair trade.
Uh, which is it?
No, that’s the quibble. Free AND fair, and since “fair” is a political definition, it means whatever prevents fair trade.
Researchers found a new “super-Earth, ” LHS 1140b, just 39 light years away from Earth.
Does that make us Bizarro Earth?
Well, we are one big reality show.
…just 39 light years away from Earth.
So then how many parsecs will it take us to make a run there?
39 Lightyears is roughly 12 Parsecs.
+1 Kessell Run!
“So then how many parsecs will it take us to make a run there?”
Don’t bother. They don’t sell beer on Sundays.
LHS 1140b = Minnesota
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) says he won’t run for re-election in 2018.
Wait. There is a god?
The Navy and the Marine Corps have officially prohibited service members from sharing nudes without the consent of the subject.
These pussies would have gotten their ass kicked by the Japs.
I invite you to go up to a present day Marine and tell them they’re a pussy that would have gotten their ass kicked by the Japs.
Those who are supposedly our best and bravest surrendering to the SJW’s and feminazis is pathetic, and it makes me ashamed to be an American.
These colors do run.
If O’Reilly lost, what chance did the Marines have?
The Japanese Marines had their own scandal sharing naked pictures of tentacled demons. Without Pelosi’s permission, I might add.
Caitlyn Jenner steps out after revealing she wasn’t ‘entirely comfortable’ having sex with wife Kris during 24 year marriage
Am I the only who can’t find much of a pulse to care about Jenner one way or another?
Zara Loses Its Skirt Over Pepe the Frog
It’s like the Disney animator (s) who sneak in sexual imagery.

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