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Trump is the face of Twitter in Japanese ad campaign


Commentary: The world’s most famous Twitterer appears on ads for the company’s mobile apps. Is this wise?
A symbol of our times?
Just a couple of days ago, President Donald Trump told the Financial Times : “Without tweets, I wouldn’t be here. ”
I don’t think he meant that he wouldn’t be alive. Rather, it was that he wouldn’t be president.
But where would Twitter be without Trump? Would it be prospering or languishing?
Twitter seems firmly of the belief that Trump is a good thing for its brand. I judge this from an ad campaign the company is currently running in Japan.
The posters feature a large portrait of the US president speaking into a microphone and pointing at, who knows, a boisterous protester or a bucket of KFC.
The large hashtag on the ad translates to #TrumpAdministration, and in the small blue box with the Twitter logo are the words: “There is a now you do not know. ” This, presumably, is a suggestion that the news instantly appears first on Twitter.
There is no greater news in the world than every word, gesture and swing of a 9-iron performed by Trump.

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