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A Meme Is Born: Donald Trump ‘Covfefe’ Typo Breaks the Internet


A tweet sent out by President Trump last night birthed a new meme based entirely around a typo: Covfefe.
Following a mistyped tweet by President Trump which read, “despite the constant negative press covfefe, ” users took to Twitter to turn the apparent typo into a new meme. It appears that President Trump meant to tweet about “negative press coverage” but mistyped the word, resulting in an error that became the number one trending topic on Twitter within an hour of its posting.
The official Merriam-Webster Dictionary account even joined in:
Users across Reddit also joined in on the fun with one user even guessing that “covfefe” may be the President’s Twitter password:
Another fast thinking user successfully bought the Californian licence plate featuring the error:
More memes quickly spread across the internet:
On Tuesday morning, President Trump laughed off the error, asking if anyone would be able to figure out the true meaning of “covfefe”:
CNN’s Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza, in continuing efforts to ensure no one considers the outlet a credible news source, penned an entire article devoted to the typo, breathlessly exclaiming that it told readers “all you need to know about Donald Trump.”
As of now, the newly created word has not been defined.

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