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Amazon Echo Show price and name leak ahead of rumored launch today


After details of the new device leaked last week, Amazon looks set to reveal the device in just a few hours time.
The Amazon Echo Show could be with us very soon, if the latest leaks are to be believed.
After images of a new Amazon device leaked online last week, it looks like the retail giant’s screen-equipped Echo assistant might be set for a reveal later today, when pre-orders are tipped to open. leaked online last week set for a reveal later today
And it looks like we now know the name of the new device, with a screenshot sent to AFTVnews revealing the Amazon Echo Show moniker. AFTVnews
The leak also reveals an Echo Show price of $229.99 (around £219.99, AU$310) , which is much more expensive than the $180 (£149.99, around AU$245) Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo
This makes a certain amount of sense, as the new device should contain all of the functionality of the previous Echo devices, while adding a screen for good measure.
As well as a screen, the new device is rumored to include a webcam, which perhaps points towards it having similar functionality as the recently annouced Amazon Echo Look, in addition to some form of video-calling functionality. Amazon Echo Look
Pre-orders will apparently start on the May 9, presumably in just a few hours time.
Although the device originally had a later release date, a source recently told Cnet that its release was pushed forward, due to the rapid development of competitor Google Home. Google Home
We have contacted Amazon for comment and will update this piece when they respond.
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