jQuery is now longer a dependency of the bundled packages
Atom 1.17 is now the latest stable release of the application and introduces support for docks, an extension of the pane system engineered to accommodate various interface elements like tool panels (debugger controls, regex railroad diagrams, terminals, consoles, etc.) that you want to immediately toggle into and out of view.
“Docks provide a high-level API that makes it simpler for package authors to implement this kind of easy-to-toggle panel and give users a lot more control over how their panels are arranged, ” explain the devs. “For now, the tree-view is the only part of the default Atom UI that will make use of docks.”
Another highlight of the Atom 1.17 release is better startup time, which is possible thanks to the use of V8 custom startup snapshots. Additionally, atom-select-list is now used as a drop-in replacement for atom-space-pen-views, which was removed, along with jQuery as a dependency of Atom’s bundled packages.
Lastly, jQuery was finally removed as a dependency of Atom’s bundled packages, which improves performance. You can download Atom 1.17 for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows systems right now from our website if you want to update the editor and use the most recent and advanced version.
In the meantime, the Atom team works hard on the next major release, Atom 1.18, which promises to ship with Git and GitHub integration. More on that here, and you can also download and install the Beta version of Atom 1.18 for your favorite operating system using the download links listed above.

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