The application menu now features a modular design
Brisk Menu 0.4.0 arrives more than one and a half months after the release of Brisk Menu 0.3.5, and it’s full of goodies. Highlights include support for the Super key as a shortcut for opening Brisk Menu, configurable menu button label text, as well as the ability for the application menu to dynamically adapt to vertical panel layouts.
Additionally, the new release lists Control Center applications in the Administration and Preferences categories, makes reloading work at all times, and introduces a modular design for the core load and management mechanism, which is handled by the new BriskAppsBackend.
“The core load + management mechanism is now handled by a BriskAppsBackend, and the frontend is no longer tied explicitly to libmate-menus or even .desktop files, ” explains Ikey Doherty. “This opens up the future possibilities for Favourites Pinning and “others” through the generic BriskBackend, BriskItem, and BriskSection API (0.5.0) .
Brisk Menu 0.4.0 also appears to restore the ability to launch items by clicking on them, introduces a brand-new API for drag and drop support of .desktop files, adds another API for fetching app icons, and fixes lots of issues and annoyances, some of which users reported since the previous release of the project. Check the full changelog for details.
Up next it’s the Brisk Menu 0.5.0 milestone, which is coming in the following months with even more goodies, including favorites and dash support. You can download the source tarball of Brisk Menu 0.4.0 right now from the GitHub page if you fancy compiling it yourself, or install it from the repositories of your favorite distro.

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