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DNC Chair Tom Perez Joins Protesters Defending James Comey at the White House


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez joins protesters outside the White House defending James Comey.
“Mr. President, history has its eyes on you, and history is not judging you kindly, ” Perez shouted as a few dozen protesters chanted and waved signs.
Perez cited Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the importance of the rule of law.
“We are a nation where, as Jeff Sessions once said, ‘Nobody is above the law,’ ” he shouted.
He reminded the crowd that he once served as a career prosecutor in the Justice Department, a department that was “blind” and “independent, ” and he believed that nobody was above the law.
“I miss President Obama right now, ” Perez said, claiming that Obama understood the importance of the department’s independence.
Perez insisted that Trump’s actions were “unprecedented and unconscionable” and accused him of acting worse than former President Richard Nixon.
“This is absolutely worse than the Saturday night massacre, ” he yelled, referring to Nixon’s decision to fire the Watergate special prosecutor. In response, the crowd shouted, “Worse! Worse! Worse!”
He called for members of Congress to oppose confirmation of a new FBI director without first appointing a special prosecutor.
“We must continue this effort that the facts come out, I am not afraid of the facts, I can handle the truth, the American people need to have the truth of what happened!” he shouted.

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