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Dual-OS Phone Running Windows 10 Mobile and Android in the Works


Coship confirms new device that would run both OSes
The company is working on a device that runs not only Windows 10 Mobile, but also Android, with users to be allowed to choose which OS to boot at start just like on a PC.
Building a phone that runs both Windows and Android is one very good way to deal with the decline experienced by Microsoft’s operating system, especially because the majority of users jumping ship are picking a device running Google’s platform.
A dual-OS device would make it possible for hardcore Windows phone fans to stick with the platform and keep up-to-date with everything that Microsoft is doing on this front, without the lack of apps and all the other setbacks that do not exist on Android.
Of course, switching from one OS to another isn’ t quite the most compelling thing to do every once in a while, but the device is most likely aimed at tech-savvy users who wouldn’ t mind changing OSes every now and then to see what’s new on the other side.
The OEM already has the know-how to build a dual OS device, as the company launched such a project in the past, but at that point Windows wasn’ t yet a priority. The Coship 960 was running Linux and Android, a mix that was supposed to appeal to many more buyers, though its success has been rather limited.
As far as Windows phone itself is concerned, OEMs hardly find a reason to build a device running it these days, mostly because all the uncertainty that’s impacting the platform at the moment.
Even though Microsoft says that it’s still committed to phones, the future of Windows 10 Mobile isn’ t very clear, with the company expected to migrate towards Windows 10 on ARM and leaving its platform specifically built for smartphones behind.
There’s still no ETA for the new Android + Windows 10 Mobile dual OS device, but since it’s already in the works, expect it to see daylight by the end of the year.

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