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Immersive Reader is now available for Outlook on the web and OneNote for Windows 10


Microsoft today announced the availability of its Immersive Reader feature for Outlook.com, Outlook on the web, and the OneNote app for Windows 10. It’s meant to help people read more efficiently.
Back in February, Microsoft announced that it was bringing its Learning Tools, including Immersive Reader, to Word and OneNote Online. Today, the company announced the availability of Immersive Reader in Outlook.com, Outlook on the web, and OneNote for Windows 10.
Immersive Reader includes a number of features for helping users to read more efficiently. For example, it will read text aloud while highlighting the text. It will also optimize font spacing “in a narrow column view”, show the breaks between syllables, and will identify verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
In Outlook, you can access this feature by right-clicking on a message and selecting “Show in immersive reader”; or in OneNote, you can select Immersive Reader from the View menu.
Microsoft also announced today that it’s expanding the availability of Immersive Reader. Read Aloud is now available in 14 new languages:
The Syllables feature has also been expanded to Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, and Slovak, while Parts of Speech is now available for German, Italian, and Dutch with Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Brazilian Portuguese coming later on this summer. Finally, Japanese dictation has been added to the OneNote desktop Learning Tools Add-in.
Last but not least, Microsoft announced a new Try it out feature, which is the new landing page for Learning Tools. It’s a way to quickly test out Immersive Reader, and it supports 39 languages. You can check it out at the Learning Tools page right here.

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