The US said encounter over the East China Sea was ‘unprofessional’ and that its plane was in international airspace
A pair of Chinese fighter jets conducted an “unprofessional” intercept of an American radiation-sniffing surveillance plane over the East China Sea, the U. S. Air Force said Friday, the latest in a series of such incidents that have raised U. S. concerns in an already tense region.
On Wednesday, the two Chinese SU-30 jets approached a WC-135 Constant Phoenix aircraft conducting a routine mission in international airspace in accordance with international law, Pacific Air Forces spokeswoman Lt. Col. Lori Hodge said in a statement.
US to talk privately with China
The WC-135 crew characterized the intercept as unprofessional “due to the maneuvers by the Chinese pilot, as well as the speeds and proximity of both aircraft, ” Hodge said.
She declined to provide further details and said the issue would be addressed with China through “appropriate diplomatic and military channels.”
China declared an air defense identification zone over a large section of the East China Sea in 2013, a move the U. S. called illegitimate and has refused to recognize.

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