The reported frontrunner to lead the FBI once joked that Donald Trump would have an “all-female” cabinet.
The reported front-runner to lead the FBI once joked that Donald Trump would have an “all-female” cabinet that would include the likes of Carmen Electra and Vanna White.
Joe Lieberman made the wisecracks while doing stand-up comedy during a “Funniest Celebrity in D. C.” contest in 1999 .
“The Donald is quite a ladies’ man, and very proud of it and boasts about it and we’ve heard that, if elected, he’s going to have an all-female cabinet, ” quipped the former Connecticut senator.
Lieberman suggested Electra as the Secretary of Energy and White as the Secretary of Education.
Al Gore running mate Joe Lieberman on FBI director short-list
His “all-female” cabinet also included “Hollywood madam” Heidi Fleiss as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathie Lee Gifford as Secretary of Commerce, “Judge Judy” Sheindlin as Attorney General, Leona Helmsley as housing secretary, and of course the fictional warrior princess “Xena” as the Secretary of Defense.
At the time, Trump had entered the race for the White House on the Reform Party ticket, but eventually halted his campaign.
President Trump said Thursday he is “very close” to naming a new FBI director to replace James Comey, whom he fired last week. Lieberman was among four candidates Trump interviewed at the White House on Wednesday.
The President replied “he is” when asked whether Lieberman is a top candidate for the position.
Ex-FBI boss Mueller named special prosecutor for Russia probe
Trump leaves Friday afternoon on his first overseas trip as President, a four-country, five-stop tour that will keep him out of Washington for more than a week.
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