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Nelly liked Trump, just ‘not as my president’


The “Sounds Good to Me” rapper sat down with Page Six Thursday to talk about his new music and an upcoming tour with Florida Georgia Line, and was passionate…
Nelly may have shouted out Donald Trump in his hit song “Country Grammar” in 2000, but that probably would not have happened if he wrote the song today.
“You know the thing about Donald Trump is that I liked Donald Trump, I did, I just don’ t like Donald Trump as my president, ” the “Sounds Good to Me” rapper told Page Six Thursday.
The 42-year-old said he feels the first family should set an example for their fellow Americans.
“He doesn’ t surprise me as a person, he surprises me as a president because you don’ t expect certain things, certain attitudes, ” he explained.
Nelly’s personal gripe with the Trump, though, has more to do with where the rapper can sleep while on the road.
“You know, I’ m more or less mad at him because I can’ t stay at his hotels now… I’ ve been staying there for 15 years, and now you pull this?” he lamented.
The rapper ended the conversation with a word of advice: “Get it together, homie!”

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